Awatef HAYAR signed a partnership agreement to support the Royal Moroccan Federation for people sports with desabilities

Rédaction le septembre 16, 2022

Mrs. Awatef HAYAR, Minister of Solidarity and Social Integration and Family, and Mr. Hamid El AOUNI, President of the Royal Moroccan University of Sports for Person with disabilities , signed a partnership agreement today, Thursday 15th   , September 2022.


The signing of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement comes within the activities of the « Sixth International Forum for Athletics Moulay El HASSAN » which is organized  at the Grand stadium of Marrakesh.

Under the high patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed 6th, may God assist him,   this event will take part from September 15th to 17th under   the supervision of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC)


This agreement reflects the belief of the Ministry of Solidarity and Social Integration and the Family in the importance of partnership as a strategic choice between them and the associations in activating plans and programs that aim to form and promote the integration of groups that suffer from fragility, especially people in a disability position.

This partnership will be able to support the Royal Moroccan University of People’s Sports in a disability position in order to acquire the equipment of two sports: basketball and tennis on wheelchairs and athletics.


In addition to promoting the exercise of sports for women in a disability position, and the integration of children and youth in people with disabilities, who belong to social care centers in the university’s sports program.

Then sensitize the importance of parallel activities such as sports for the benefit of children and youth in a disability position among educational institutions.

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