Organizing a training session for journalists

Rédaction le septembre 16, 2022

The 1st day of the 6th International Para Athletics Meeting Moulay El Hassan.

Thursday, September 15th, 2022, at the Grand Stadium in Marrakech, the Royal Moroccan Federation of Sports for People in destabilities organized a training for journalists participating in the cover of the International Athletics Forum, Moulay El HASSAN.

M.Hamid YAHYA and the M.Tarek SOUEI are included in the symposium.

The training session was attended by a number of male and female journalists.


M.Tarek SOUEI, Executive Director of the Asian Bremporean Committee, started his intervention by thanking the Royal Moroccan University for People of Sports in a disability position, adding that M. Hamid EL AOUNI, Executive Director, was behind the achievements of people with disabilities in the Kingdom of Morocco. Saying: “The Grand Prize _ Marrakesh 2022_ indicates the interest of His Majesty  King Mohamed 6th about people with destabilities.

After that , M.. Tarek Souei indicated that the Olympic origins belongs in the era of the Greeks BC, and gradually developments to reach its current version. That’s the reason why a video was showed in  which displays the emergence of the international program after World War II.


He also talked about the Paralympic slogan  games  to reach the current version, adding that the most successful Olympics in the history of the Olympiad were in London in 2012.


As for the geographical distribution of the Olympic movement committees, M.Tarek SOUEI confirmed that the Paralympic courses were concentrated in the northern hemisphere, and African countries have not yet had the opportunity to host any cycle.


He said, « What distinguishes the African Olympic Committee, which was established in Rabat, is the medical classification in the Paralympic Sports, » which is subject to every athlete to determine the type of disability, and to give him a classification that places him in the category he deserves, as the video that was  showed. This is because the athlete is subject to continuous follow-up and is placed in his sports record until the end of his sporting career, because his goal remains to provide equal opportunities for all athletes.


Speaking about the Moroccan presence in the Paralympic Games, he said that Morocco is one of the most successful Arab teams that participated in the Paralympic Games for the year, and although his participation in only 3 sports, he got advanced ranks and achieved an honorable international ranking. As his biggest success was in Tokyo last summer, when the runner Abdeslam HILI won the gold medal in visual impairment races.


Mr. Tarek SOUEI  concluded his speech by talking about the challenges and opportunities facing the Paralympic movement in the world.

Especially the challenges imposed by the Corona pandemic, which led to the reduction of financial support and sponsors for the Paralympic movement and sports activity.  He also mentioned the Russian-Ukrainian war, which affected the world and the Paralympic movement, by examining the exclusion of Russian athletes for political reasons.


Finally he  ended his intervention with the tape « Yes, I Can » produced by the British Channel 4, which highlights the lack of recognition by some politicians of the abilities of people with disabilities, and shows their true abilities.


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